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Mr. Monis Mosfi serves as the drive behind the innovation offered by the dynamic company. After obtaining Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in flying colors from the University of Timisoara in Romania (year 1986), this man has been working with renowned companies for helping them develop in the areas of competency like Project Management, Business Management, Technical Operations, System Enhancements, Service Support etc. After gaining invaluable experience in a multitude of fields, Mr. Monis joined City Cool in 2008 as the Projects Director and have been promoted in 2011 to CEO and he has taken the company to the new heights of success and recognition through his hard work, determination and unflinching leadership.

Operations Director

Mr. Besher AL Eisa is the creative mind behind the smooth and convenient operations that ensure the highest quality of services delivered to the customers as per their preferences. He holds a Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Alepo. He is an expert in the field of operations management with a solid experience of 24 years and has served many well-known organizations as Project Manager. Mr. Besher joined City Cool in 2008 as a Project Manager but he now has Operation & Maintenance Management, project support and research & development as his core business responsibilities.

Plant Manager

Mr. Yasir Saleh has been a proud part of City Cool since 2011 working as a Plant Manager. He is a profound Electrical Engineer from the University of Sudan. His innovative services as an adept Instrument Engineer are backed by 10 years of experience and together this complete package is helping the company grow through leaps and bounds.

Water Treatment HOD

Mr. Mohamed A. Shithik is a relatively newer member of the team but has all what it takes to hold the recognition and pride of being the Water Treatment HOD of City Cool. He is a Mechanical Engineer certified from the Anna University. His qualifications are further enhanced by his 7 years of experience in District Cooling and Water Treatment. Today his strong leadership qualities and unmatchable energy in this field are serving as a reason behind his recognition.

Plant Manager

Mr. Ali Jamaledinne is an adroit Mechanical Engineer having his degree from the Lebanese University. City Cool had this gem incorporated into the organizational hierarchy in 2011 as the Plant Manager. He has been working for 6 years with sheer dedication in this capacity dealing with HVAC, District Cooling and Water Treatment.

HR Manager

Mr. Nadeem Aziz is serving as a Human Resources Manager in City Cool for the last 5 years and since his first day, he has proven himself as a valuable asset for the company. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a 13-year experience in Human Resources Management of diverse fields like hospitality, engineering, trading & service provision. Now Mr. Nadeem is making the workforce at City Cool flourish and perform productively through his dedicated and staunch efforts.

Accountant Manager

Mr. Waqar Ahmed is the person responsible for making the company’s finances flow smoothly for better efficiency and productivity in all the departments. He is an MA-Economics & Finance, CFP-Certified Finance Professional & CMA-Certified Management Accountant. Along with that, he holds an 8-year experience of serving as an accounts manager in a variety of fields. For the last 4.8 years, City Cool has this dynamic individual as its Senior Accountant, making the company’s resources transform into exceptional services in a productive manner.

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