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The District Cooling system is the concept introduced to the world since the 19th century. It is based on the generation of cooling energy in a central unit and distribution of this energy through various channels to all the households of a specified district. This energy further chills the water in the pipelines and the result is a peaceful cool indoor environment that especially eliminates the harsh effects of summer heat.

District Cooling system can be operated with electricity or natural gas, and utilizes fresh water, treated water or seawater for generating the cooling energy effectively.

City Cool promises to facilitate its valuable customers with the most outclass district cooling system that works in integration with the air conditioning system and makes interior cooler than your expectations without any artificial means.


City Cool thrives to innovate this utility service in every possible sense for ensuring that each household, commercial and industrial facility is supplied with cooling energy with consistency and affordability. With its efficient cooling plants working 24/7, this company has the capacity to satisfy the needs of a wide customer base with its large scale energy generation.


City Cool has designed its District Cooling facilities in a way that not only gives complete comfort to the customers but also ensures that these facilities stay budget-friendly for users from all social sectors. City Cool can be an ideal choice for you due to the following reasons:

  • It considerably reduces indoor humidity level because of its controlled supply of cooling energy.

  • The disturbance caused by the external A/C units is eliminated completely as the City Cool District Cooling System works effortlessly for supplying cooling energy without any extra maintenance cost.

  • Overall operational costs are also reduced because there are no cumbersome A/C installations required in this case.

  • It is completely environment-friendly as it is free from harmful emissions that can pollute the environment.

  • It is not only functionally exceptional and efficient but is cost-effective as well.

  • The brand holds the experience of collaborating with many big names and has completed their major projects successfully. This experience is the main reason why City Cool is considered the most reliable one in town.


City Cool has an exceptional infrastructure and advanced equipment having latest technology that make the City Cool services, particularly the District Cooling System, highly adaptable and widely applicable. We have an adept team that works tirelessly in close coordination with the customers for bringing them eco-friendly and affordable services as per their preferences.


Following are the widely categorized areas where the City Cool District Cooling services can be applied:

  • District Cooling feasibility studies

  • Conceptual Designs

  • Financial modeling and analysis

  • Detailed Engineering designs

  • Piping layout and hydraulic modeling

  • District Cooling Management agreements

  • Metering and Billing services

  • Operation and Maintenance

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